Class Four:  Collaboration and Open Source

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Did You Know 3.0


Did You Know 5-April 2009


Did You Know? Student Perspective 


  What does it all mean?


38 Interesting Ways to Use Wordle in the Classroom


To make a screenshot of a Wordle


Take a Look at Some Historic American Rhetoric


Let's create a Wordle.


The Great Wordle Crisis



Our Wordle



How to use Voice Thread and VoiceThread Doodler


VoiceThread Sandbox







An Educator's Guide to Using VoiceThread.pdf


Introduction to VoiceThread.pdf



Samples of Voice Thread Usage:

Get Well Soon, Chase (VoiceThread)


VoiceThread used as a venue for "What Does the Network Mean to You?"


Read:  Digitally Speaking Links


Open Source Education and Technology

Open Source Story Book


Amazing Stories of Openness


100 Best Open Education Resources on the Web





Academic Earth


Open culture


Introduction to Open Source

IBM Linux Ad: Prodigy




Talks Richard Baraniuk on open-source learning



Cornell University Library Windows on the Past


Giving Knowledge for Free:  The Emergence of Open Educational Resources


1.  This week's blog post should be about your experiences setting up your PLN (personal learning network), the people you connect with, any positives or negatives that occur, and any questions or revelations that you have while in search of global colleagues. 

2.  Find and experiment with a few tools/applications.  Think about how you might use these tools in one of your courses.  Think about what you will want to use for your project. 

3.  Next week you will present your final project to the class.



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