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Class One:  Wikis and Blogs and Tags, Oh My!

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A Simple Picture of Web Evolution


Learn more about The Semantic Web  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGg8A2zfWKg

Class 1: Social Media or

Wikis & Blogs & Tags. Oh,my!


Introductions & Course Objectives

Weekly assignments and final project


Introductions and course expectations.


A Vision of Students Today (2007)


Little Red Riding Hood in 2.0


Sixth Sense Technology (TED)


What's important here?  How do these students

compare to mine?

1.  Read:  An Operating System for the Mind


2.  Watch:  Seven Skills Students Need for Their Future


Social Media:

Any online media that allows users to interact

with one another (i.e. socialize).” (McIntosh, 2/09) 


Is Social Media Just a Fad?




How much collaboration is there in your department?  Why?/Why not?


Do you assign group work in your classes?  Is it successful?  Why/why not?


Are there study groups for your classes?



What might be some benefits

of social media to you as a



3.  Read:  Using Social Media in Small Colleges

4.  View:  How it Works



A wiki refers to content created online

as a result of multiple users working on

the same content, but at different times

and from different places. (McIntosh, 2/09)



Wikipedia,   Wiktionary     Wikiversity    

pbworks      Wiki              Wikispaces

Fifty Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom







Play:  A Wiki Sandbox 


Blogs are online journals where the author

can write (blog) about any interest s/he wants.

The blogger can also use the blog to share

content picked up from other social media

sites (YouTube, Issuu) by taking advantage

of the simple embed codes offered by

those content hosts. (McIntosh, 2/09)

Wordpress     Blogger   Edublogs    Tumblr    Typepad

Setting Up a Blog   How to Get Started with Blogging

100 Best Blogs for Educators


What possibilities are there for using blogs in your class?  How?


What would be the benefits/challenges to your students for using blogs as opposed to paper journals?


What would be the benefits/challenges to you as the instructor for using blogs in your classes?


Benefits/challenges to you as a learner?

Wikis and Blogs on Blackboard    

9/24/09 Homework Assignment: 

1.  Read about blogs and/or wikis, (Blogs and Wikis) and post in your blog how you could envision using one or the other in your teaching.  Which would you use and why? How would you use it?

2.  Post the URL of your blog on the Course Participants page so that your classmates can access it.



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