Class Three:  Social Networking Part 2

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Class 3: Social Networking Part 2        

Graphic From Langwitches.org


The Connected Teacher

A Twitter Cartoon to Mock Your Existence

FTI:  Billion Dollar Twitter





Twitter in Plain English


27 Interesting Ways to Use Twitter in the



Twitter- Sign up for an account!


URL shorteners (not only for Twitter!)          

http://bit.ly     http://tinyurl.com   http://3.ly



Tweet your comments to @edtec4matc: http://twitter.com


Developing a Personal Learning Network (PLN)


How to build a PLN


Delicious meets Twitter meets Delicious



Friendfeed (an option to Twitter)


Edmodo (another option to Twitter)

Edmodo Help Wiki


Twitter for backchanneling 


Backchanneling is the practice of using networked computers to maintain a real-time online conversation alongside live spoken remarks. The term was coined in the field of Linguistics to describe listeners’ behaviours during verbal communication, Victor Yngve 1970.


Other popular applications for backchanneling are

Today's Meet      Chatzy


100 Twitter Feeds to Make You a Better Teacher


Try: #highered 

Try:  #esl and/or #tefl and/or #efl

Try: #edtec

Try:  #psychology




  1. Read:  Twitterthings    Twitterthings2
  2. Read:  Seven Ways to Find Teachers on Twitter
  3. Read:  Twitter Guide for Teachers
  4. View:  How to Read a Tweet
  5. View:  The Shy Connector


Read: Is Friendfeed Facebook's Twitter Killer?

Social Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking applications allow

users to share their favorite online content

with one another while also creating online

bookmarks that the user can refer to in the

same way he would a bookmark created

offline in his web browser. (McIntosh, 2/09)

Connotea  & Citeulike  (research), 

Diigo,    Del.icio.us,    Digg,  





Work with teams to explore and discover     

the benefits of the different social bookmarking sites.



Digitally Speaking:  Social Bookmarking & Annotating


Diigo Tutorial

Personal Learning Networks -

Start developing your own!



1.  PLN: Your Personal Learning Network
     Made Easy          http://3.ly/7Cg

2.  PLN Yourself!       http://3.ly/Bp2

3.  PLN Blueprint       http://3.ly/pfS



10/8/09 Homework Assignment:

1.  This week's blog post should be about your experiences setting up your PLN (personal learning network), the people you connect with, any positives or negatives that occur, and any questions or revelations that you have while in search of global colleagues. 

2,  More Web Tools for Work or Play:  Find and experiment with a few tools/applications.  Think about how you might use these tools in one of your courses.  Think about what you will want to use for your project.


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