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Class Two:  Social Networking Part 1

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Class 2:     Social Networking                                               
An Introduction to Connectivism 

RSS Readers

An RSS reader, also called a feed reader,

is a browser add-on program designed to

gather and display RSS feed s according to

user-definable parameters. An RSS reader

can reduce the time and effort needed to

check online publications for updates. It

creates, in effect, a personalized news

subscription for the Internet user. (Whatis.com)
RSS = real simple syndication

Google Reader    Bloglines     Spinn3r


To use Google Reader to read blogs:

After watching the video to get a better understanding of how RSS Readers work, o read the other class participants' blogs,

you can put their URLs (web addresses) in

Google Reader.  Click on the below link for

a tutorial which demonstrates how to put the

URLs in the Reader so you can read the blogs.



 YouTube - Google Reader: Getting Started


Portal or Start Pages 


Igoogle      Pageflakes   Netvibes/Ginger

To use iGoogle to read blogs:

Click on the following link for a tutorial

which demonstrates how to set up a home
or start page in iGoogle.


Then, to read the other class participants'
blogs in iGoogle, look in the upper right hand
corner of the iGoogle screen for the link, "Add
Stuff," and click on it. Then go to the bottom
of the far left column, look for and click on:
            Add feed or gadget

A box will then up open directing you to add

a URL (of one of the blogs) and then click on

Add.  After that, it will tell you that the address

was added.  To add another URL, delete the

one that was added, and add another. Then,

go to the top of the left hand column, and

click on <Back to iGoogle home.  That will take you

back to your iGoogle page where you can

locate the name(s) and posts of the blog(s)

you added.


Take the Web Tools Quiz


Review this course's final project


See how many web 2.0 tools you're familiar with.


View:  Pay Attention


Facebook for Educators



MySpace, LinkedIn






What have you heard about these social
networking sites?


Do you use any online social networks?

Which ones? Why?

View: 1.   A Teacher's Guide to Facebook

          2.  The Three Laws of Social Networks


Read:  1.  Etiquette for the Social Networking Age

          2.  The Facebook Data Torrent Debacle













Teaching with Technology - Ning

10/1/09 Homework Assignment:

1.  If you didn't finish this task in class today, make sure you have set up an RSS feed for each of the other student blogs being written for this class in Google Reader or iGoogle (see above for directions).  You may use another rss reader or start page if you so choose.)  Be sure to read each other's weekly posts, and comment on some of their posts as well.

2.  Experiment with a few tools/applications in More Web Tools for Work or Play.  Think about how you might use these tools in one of your courses.  Find one that you will want to explore and develop for your final project.

3.  This week's blog post should be about your explorations through More Web Tools for Work or Play in search of a project.  Blog about your findings, difficulties, excitement, inspiration, etc. in search of the "perfect" project--one that will not be too difficult and useable for you and yet enhancing your students' learning experience.



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