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More Web Tools for Work or Play

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     12 Sites to Create Cartoon Characters of Yourself            http://3.ly/ug6

     Apture (Add dimension to your blogs and web pages!)   http://apture.com

     Audio Pal (Add voihttp://edtec4matc.pbworks.com/

          More-Web-Tools-for-Work-or-Play#view=editce to your webpages)            http://audiopal.com

     Big, Huge Lab (Do fun stuff with your photos!)            http://www.bighugelabs.com/

     Bubbl.us (free collaborative mind mapping/ graphic organization tool)         http://bubbl.us/

     Calculation Nation (Challenge students in math)  http://calculationnation.nctm.org

     Classics for Kids (Classical music lesson plans designed for K-5) http://www.classicsforkids.com/

     Clockeasy (Clock, stopwatch, alarm, countdown)                        http://clockeasy.com

     CoboCards (Create and study flashcards)                                  http://www.cobocards.com/

     Create astounding comics http://comiclife.com     http://toondoo.com     

                                http://makebeliefscomix.com         wittycomics.com      http://tinyurl.com/rxvng7

     Creately (Online Diagramming & Design)               http://creately.com/

     Digress It (Comment in the margins of a text- plugin for WordPress*)  http://digress.it/   

     Dinky Page (Disposable web pages)      http://dinkypage.com/

     Debategraph (The Global Debate Map)     http://debategraph.org/

     Document Openers (Can't open a document? Try one of these!)  

           TextMaker Viewer     View Docs Online     Universal Viewer  

     Domo Animate  (Create animations)           http://bit.ly/Y1Ayk

     dotSUB (Add subtitles in many languages to a video)     http://dotsub.com

     Drop.io (Internet drop-box:  Put anything...collaborate...get anywhere)     http://drop.io/

     EduPic Graphical Resource (for education)               http://www.edupic.net/                   

     Elluminate.com (Free, Online Webconferencing)     http://elluminate.com

     Extranormal (Make your own 3-D movies)          http://xtranormal.com

     Evernote (Remember Everything Online or On Your Phone)     http://evernote.com/

     Flip Book (Make your own flip books with audio)     http://3.ly/9bz  

     FlickrPoet (Puts words into pictures)  http://www.storiesinflight.com/flickrpoet/index.php

     FlockDraw  (A seamless realtime collaborative drawing tool)          http://flockdraw.com/           

     Fat Secret (for people interested in food and diet)   http://fatsecret.com

     FreshBrain.org (A Technology Education Exploration Platform for Teens)     http://freshbrain.org

     FunFacer (Create videos, animations, pictures, greeting cards, games...)

     FunnelBrain.com (Collaboration site for flashcards, videos, audio, etc.)     http://funnelbrain.com

     Glogster.com (Make your own posters)     http://www.glogster.com/

     Groupsite  (A Social Collaboration Site)    http://www.groupsite.com/    

     Incompetech (Online graph/grid paper)   http://incompetech.com/graphpaper/

     Interactive Notebooks (wiki)                    http://tinyurl.com/aeg3e9

     International Children's Digital Library     http://ow.ly/h6gY 

     Kubbu (Create games, quizzes, crossword puzzles)     http://kubbu.com

     Layers (View, share, create layers on top of webpage)    http://www.layers.com/ 

     Mindmeister (Online mind mapping/brainstorming) http://mindmeister.com

     Mixed Ink  (A collaborative policy writing application)        http://www.mixedink.com

     Moodstream (Great tool for creating atmosphere in lessonshttp://tinyurl.com/l2nbhz

     Myngle (Learn a language online)                  http://myngle.com

     MySomeday (Get help setting your goals!)     http://mysomeday.com/

     MyStudiyo (Make quizzes with media)           http://mystudiyo.com

     Odosketch (Get sketchin'!)                             http://sketch.odopod.com/

     Online Books, Poems & Short Stories             http://ow.ly/h6fJ

     Online Invitations                                           http://evite.com

     Online Stopwatch                                           http://www.online-stopwatch.com

     Online Goal Tracking Tools                           http://3.ly/wYF2

     OpenGoo (Open source Office)                       http://opengoo.org        

     Panoramas (See 360° views from famous places around the world)  http://www.panoramas.dk/ 

     Pickpackgo (Get vacation help!)                     http://pickpackgo.com

     Pixorial, Inc. (Edit your home movies online)  http://www.pixorial.com/  

     Plinky  (Daily blogging topics)                       http://plinky.com 

     PodcastAlley (The podcast lovers' portal)       http://www.podcastalley.com/   

     PollEverywhere  (Real-time poll embeds your poll in Power Point) http://polleverywhere.com     

     Prezi (A non-linear presentation tool)             http://prezi.com     

     Quote Pad (Saves online text and URL of source!)      http://quotepad.info/  

     Read the Words(Change text to audio in a variety of languages)     http://readthewords.com                     

     Remember the Milk! (An online "to do" list)   rememberthemilk.com

     Ref.ly:  The URL Shortener from Above (Share Bible verses)     http://ref.ly 

     Scratch! (Create your own video games)      http://scratch.mit.edu/

     Scroll Clock                                                http://toki-woki.net/p/scroll-clock/

     Sign Up Now (Create an online signup sheet)      http://www.signappnow.com/ 

     Smart.fm (Learn anything!)                     http://smart.fm/home

     Sound Effects (Audience sounds and others)          http://tinyurl.com/yz9laz3

     Soundzabound (Royalty Free Music for Schools)     http://www.soundzabound.com/

     Soungle     (Recorded Sounds Bites to Share)          http://soungle.com

     SwarmSketch (Collective sketching of the collective consciousness)  http://swarmsketch.com

     Storybird (Collaborative story telling for family and friends)           http://ow.ly/tOgN

     SurveyMonkey (Design your own surveys)      http://surveymonkey.com

     Tag Galaxy (A Flickr search engine)     http://taggalaxy.de/

     Tagul  (Make tag clouds)                     http://tagul.com

     Teuxdeux (What deux yeux have teux deux teuxday?)        http://teuxdeux.com/     

     Technorati (Internet search engine for searching blogs)     http://technorati.com

     Time Toast (Create your own timelines)               http://www.timetoast.com/

     TokBox (Free Video Chat and Video Messaging)     http://www.tokbox.com/

     Translated.by (Collaborative translation         http://bit.ly/P94aR

     Tuxpi (Photo effect, photo frames)                   http://tuxpi.com

     Twiddla (A no setup, web-based meeting playground)     http://twiddla.com

     Typing lessons         http://www.typing-lessons.org/  http://www.goodtyping.com/

                                     http://typingweb.com   http://typeonline.co.uk    http://powertyping.com

     UDL Book Builder (Create digital books)     http://bookbuilder.cast.org/

     Visual/graphic dictionarieshttp://lexipedia.com (multilingual)      http;//visuwords.com, 

     Voki (Add a speaking avatar to your website)                          http://www.voki.com    

     Web2Tools and Applications (many links to choose from)     http://www.go2web20.net/

     Wetoku (instantly embed a video interview into your blog)         http://wetoku.com/

     Wiffitti (Publish real time messages to screen you upload)   http://wiffitti.com

     Wordnik (Dictionary with graphics)     http://wordnik.com 

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