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Recommended Resources

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Good Reads

     7 Things You Should Know about Voicethread    http://tinyurl.com/mlr6qs

     8 Steps to Developing a Better Workflow in Aperture     http://tinyurl.com/kwxsn2

     9 Steps to A Great Start in Friendfeed       http://bit.ly/dm1BV

     10 Google Forms for the Classroom          http://3.ly/CCZ

     10 Must-Have Firefox Extensions for Students      http://bit.ly/n9SF8

     10 Technology Enhanced Alternatives to Book Reports          http://3.ly/pOT

     20 Free Web Apps for the 2.0 Student                                    http://3.ly/hBK

     24 Interesting Ways to use Google Earth in the Classroom http://bit.ly/L46w1

     25 Ways to Create Your Social Media Footprint Today          http://tinyurl.com/av55af

     25 Awesome Virtual Learning Experiences Online                 http://3.ly/fUp

     30 Alternatives+ to YouTube                    http://bit.ly/19RZt6

     30+ Places to Find Creative Commons Media     http://tinyurl.com/mfhe7f

     50 Social Sites that Every Company Needs a Presence On   http://tinyurl.com/m4a2x4

     100 Best Open Education Resources on the Web               http://tinyurl.com/n7v8jy

     100 Best YouTube videos for teachers                     http://bit.ly/KjUHA

     100 Helpful Websites for New Teachers                    http://tinyurl.com/m9dntm

     A 2.0 Toolkit...to Take To School This Fall               http://3.ly/ANk  

     Accord:  Teaching with Technology (at MIT)         http://web.mit.edu/teachtech/          

     ALA | AASL Best Web sites for Teaching and Learning Top 25 Award      http://ff.im/-5iXX1

     All-in-One List of Search Engines                    http://ow.ly/o25Y

     A Virtual Revolution Is Brewing for Colleges   http://bit.ly/3B5X80

     Catching-Up Is the New Looking Ahead          http://trendwatching.com/briefing/

     Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies:     http://www.c4lpt.co.uk/ 

     College Learn to Live with Social Media                     http://3.ly/Odv                   

     Communities and Collaboration Top 100 Social Media Tools  http://tinyurl.com/6fucfj

     Creating a WebQuest:  It's Easier than You Think       http://3.ly/Fxf

     Culture Crossing (Why do they/we act that way?)    http://www.culturecrossing.net

     Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants:  Some Thoughts...   http://tinyurl.com/pamptf 

     Elearn Magazine Education and Technology in Perspective     http://tinyurl.com/m99beh

     Good Video Games and Good Learning    http://tinyurl.com/dgne5f

     Harold Jarche  Learning & Working on the Web     http://www.jarche.com/about/

     How Teenagers Consume Media: the report that shook the city     http://tinyurl.com/lwlrrh

     Ideas to Inspire (A collection of collaborative presentations)         http://www.ideastoinspire.co.uk/

     Inverting Bloom's Taxonomy                                                         http://3.ly/Pgg

     It is easy to fall in love with technology...               http://bit.ly/EPx0b

     Language Learning Widgets | Mission to Learn http://bit.ly/1aBKTE    

     New Skills for Learning Professionals (in a Web 2.0 World)      http://tinyurl.com/m8edkc

     Newsvine (a community-powered, collaborative journalism news website)  http://newsvine.com  

     Remix America (remix words & speeches of American History

           with issues of today)                                             http://remixamerica.org/

     Social Learning Models (Formal Social Learning Design Models)     http://3.ly/VJh

     Technology Skills We Should Be Teaching in College   http://teachingcollegemath.com/?p=1498

     The Best Web 2.0 Applications for Education - 2009                         http://3.ly/dpp

     The big lure of social media: Its users                http://bit.ly/XX97f

     The Innovative Educator Ideas for Leading Transformation in Schools     http://ow.ly/iULw

     The Instructional Use of Learning Objects          http://reusability.org/read/

     Three Simple Words...Cornerstone...of Social Media                         http://om.ly/IvcK

     Today's Toolbox by Jane Hart     http://www.elearningage.co.uk/magazine/janehart.aspx

     Top 10 Apps for Scheduling a Meeting Online                                  http://bit.ly/fE0FS

     Top 15 Education Posts 09/09/09 - 10/03/09                                     http://3.ly/Mfe    

     TubeChop (allows you to easily chop a section from any YouTube video to share) http://tinyurl.com/nytp53

     Tumblr Takes Over World...          http://tinyurl.com/mtdjn3

     Understanding and Using Bloom's Taxonomy to Improve Instructional Practice     http://3.ly/ANk

     YouTube Is the Top Social Media of the Decade                                                     http://3.ly/kFT

     Videoconferencing                        http://3.ly/0LW



Online Instruction

      College for $99 a Month (The next generation of online education...)               http://3.ly/x1D 

      Comparison of Incidental Learning Diference Between On-line and

      On-Campus Psychology Students (B.Marco O'Brien & Susan O'Brien)       http://3.ly/9MS

      Ednak's Interactive Lab for Online Educators Network                               http://ow.ly/vthD

      How to Create Your Own Online Courses:  100 Tools, Guides & Resources     http://3.ly/gOA

        Journal of Online Learning  and Teaching                             http://jolt.merlot.org/index.html

       MATC Technical Skills Self-Assessment for Online Classes                              http://3.ly/jCZ

      Online Learning:  Reaching Out to the Skeptics        http://tinyurl.com/ntgbzu

      *Online Teaching Tips - How to Become a Successful Distance Learning Teacher  http://3.ly/Xjh

      Study Finds that Online Education Beats the Classroom      http://3.ly/2Cz  

      Top Ten Tips for Teaching Online                                       http://3.ly/ppa



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